USA Today bestselling author Tarah DeWitt introduces her approach to balanced romantic storylines through a detailed look at her 2022 contemporary romance Funny Feelings

DeWitt believes that romance, specifically, is a safe space to explore some tougher themes, with the guarantee of a happy outcome at the end. In Balancing the Heavy with Humor in Romance: A Funny Feelings Case Study, DeWitt details how to create multi-faceted characters, build perfect meet cute moments, get unstuck in the sticky middle, and utilize the power of 3s to craft compelling relationships and juicy tension. At the end of this course students will feel confident crafting a gorgeous love story with some truly funny moments.


This course includes three modules of teaching over the span of three weeks. Each module is broken into three individual lessons that include video lectures, assignments, exercises, and opportunities to participate in community discussions with classmates and Tarah DeWitt. All three lessons for each module will go live at the beginning of their corresponding weeks, concluding with a live Q&A session hosted by Tarah DeWitt on Saturdays at 12pm EST at the end of each module.


August 5 - 24, 2024



When she felt like she’d devoured every romcom available in 2020, USA Today bestselling author Tarah DeWitt indulged herself in writing bits and pieces of her own. Eventually, those ramblings from the Notes app turned into her debut novel. Tarah loves stories centered around perfectly imperfect characters. Specifically, the ones who may have just enough trauma to keep them funny, without being forcefully cavalier. She believes laughter is an essential part of romance, friendship, parenting, and life, and takes care to balance her stories with equal parts humor and heart. She is the author of ROOTBOUND, THE CO-OP, FUNNY FEELINGS, and SAVOR IT, with more yet to come.